Thursday, 20 February 2014

'cause I'm a bad habit | Current music favourites


It has been a few too many days since I last posted and for that I apologise. University has taken over my life at the moment and everything else has kind of fallen off the side for me. 

This week I am aiming to get organised and get everything figured out. My diary has become my best friend as well as the notes app on my phone. I have been setting myself deadlines and writing lots of lists to help get my up to speed on coursework, and so far it's working!

I have been listening to a lot of music these last two weeks to help get me through my coursework and I'd love to share my favourites.

Whilst studying I generally like to listen to quite chilled and relaxing music to help me focus and Snow Mantled Love are my go to band. I know they may not be everyone's cup of tea but I do love them and their EP's are free on bandcamp, so go check them out.

In these last few weeks I have also fallen in love with Foals all over again. They have been one of my favourite bands since about 2006, but these last few weeks I haven't been able to stop listening to Holy Fire which is a phenomenal album. I am hoping to see them live again some time soon.

Thirdly, and finally, is a song from my absolute favourite band ever whom I also discovered in 2006 (Most of my favourite band are MySpace discoveries from when I was about 11 or 12, how cool was I?). This is the Shikari Sound System Remix of Radiate by Enter Shikari. There's just always something about Enter Shikari songs. Different ones take me back to different periods in my life and remind me of different people, and this song does exactly that. This is a very chilled remix and, like most of their songs, it reminds me of my good friend Kingsley who I met in 2006. Our mutual love of Shikari (and Star Wars) has been an important part of our friendship and this song reminds me of that and it just makes me happy. :) 

I hope you are all well, sorry about the slightly different post but I should have a normal beautyish one this weekend!


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Sunday, 9 February 2014

A much needed girly weekend | A very small haul


As mentioned in a previous post, I had my gorgeous friend Natalie visiting me this weekend and we had the most stereotypical girly weekend and it was amazing. The most important part of a girly weekend as you all know is shopping, so here are my purchases.

Living off a student budget means Primark is my best friend. First I picked up a few of the £5 dresses to try on in an attempt to wear something other than skinny jeans and these are the two that I picked. I know these aren't the most exciting of colours but they are so comfortable and easy to wear. They will be ideal for days at uni when the current storms in Devon stop (I don't want to flash my pants to everyone!). These will be ideal with a cardi/big jumper, thick tights, and boots.

My staple items from Primark are always pyjama bottoms and they did not let me down. I love their PJ's as they are so comfy and have pockets!! Ideal for lazy days at home when you can't go anywhere with out your phone. I absolutely adore the print on these and they are well worth the £5 I paid! The next item is this purple acid wash tee from the men's section. I always have a look at the men's tops in Primark as the basics are so much better quality than the women's. This was £6 and will go well with my black skinnies and shorts and tights and the necklace below.

One resolution of mine this year was to wear more jewellery and I have started this off with a simple, statement necklace (is that a thing?) from H&M. This was £6.99 and will help brighten up plain jumpers and t-shirts. These bangles are another simple way for me to enter the jewellery world. These are very basic and cost me a whole £1 in Primark but have really lovely designs.

The rest of our weekend has consisted of pizza, chocolate, and tea. TOP TIP: put Minstrels in the microwave for 45 - 60 seconds before eating and they are all melty and perfect in the middle, yumm. Plus a lot of DVD's, our favourite being Crazy, Stupid, Love because Ryan Gosling, need I say anymore? This weekend has been such a needed break for both of us from Uni work and I don't think I'm quite ready so head onto campus tomorrow. :(

Here, have a vain selfie of the pair of us.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Winter Essentials


I know we are still technically in winter, but in my mind we are in spring because it’s pretty, colourful, and sunny and that is what we all need in our lives right now!

Winter is a very tough time for our delicate skin and these are the products that have kept me moisturised and soft.

Winter Skin Essentials

  1. Blistex: I could not survive winter without this. My lips become dry and chapped ever so easily so smothering on a load of this before I go to sleep means I wake up with beautiful, kissable lips!
  2. Eczema balm: My god, this has been my saviour this winter. I have been putting this on all areas of dry skin before I go to bed and it’s all sorted by morning. (Read my review here)
  3. Vaseline moisturiser: Quick absorbing, not greasy, superbly moisturising. Need I say more?
  4. The Body Shop Warming Mask: I plan on doing a full review of this shortly but basically, it leaves you feeling clean and moisturised, perfect!

These have been my saviours these last couple of months and I dread to think what condition my skin would be in without them!

What have been your beauty necessities in this cold weather?

See you soon x

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