Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I have a candle addiction


So, apparently turning 20 and moving into a nice flat means that you start to spend you student loan on candles. I cannot afford them and do not need them but I always seem to be on the lookout for more!

Firstly, I have my oil burner and 3 oils. I picked up the burner from Wilkinsons for £4 which is a bargain and I think it’s super cute. I have 2 oils from The Body Shop: Lavender, and Green Tea and Lemon. The Green Tea one smells so fresh and lovely and is the one most frequently in the burner. I also have a Fir Oil from M&S to make my flat smell like Christmas trees!

Next is this beautiful Hathi Saharan Rainforest candle from Decorware. Obviously it looks beautiful and I love the smell of it as it smells like the beach, gorgeous! I picked this up in TKMaxx for around £8 I think.

 This, as you can see, is a small Yankee Candle in the flavour Merry Marshmallow. I got this as a gift for my birthday. When you smell the jar it is very strong and sickly but when it burns the fragrance is a lot lighter and it does actually smell like marshmallows! This size jar can be bought in lots of stores and online for around £7 - £8.

Now this one does not look pretty but smells lovely. It is the Skittles cherry candle. I recently stumbled across these in Poundland and ended up buying a couple. The other flavours in this range are not as nice, but this is my third cherry candle in about 2 months, oops, but for £1 I can’t complain.

Unfortunately, this candle isn't mine, I picked it up as a little treat for my mum but it’s so nice and I’m going to struggle to hand it over! Mum and I love the smell of lavender but sometimes the candles can be very sweet, but this one smells exactly like fresh lavender, perfect! This is from Evodia but I found it in TKMaxx for £8.

As you can see, I am a fan of the candle section in TKMaxx. There are so many all for amazing prices. The only downside is if you find one you really love, they probably won’t ever have it again. I have been trying to fing Sahara Rainforest again for months now!

See you soon x

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