Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My August Favourites


I want to start doing a monthly favourites post so here we go.

My top 3 beauty products are the Maybelline BB Cream, my MUA Undressed Me Too palette and my Vaseline moisturiser. These are very basic products but I adore them so much.

I got put off of BB Creams after trying the Garnier one and finding it a big waste of money but the Maybelline one is fantastic. It gives good coverage, matches my skin tone and is very good value for money. Since day 1 of using this it has become part of my everyday make up routine.
Undressed Me Too is the first lot of eyeshadows I have owned and I am thoroughly enjoying using and experimenting with all of the different colours. After my friend Natalie going on and on about her MUA palette I thought I should try one and oh boy, my eyeshadowless days are over. This palette can be used for very subtle day time looks and more glamorous evening looks.
Does my last product even count as a beauty product? I don't care. I needed a new moisturiser and this was on offer in Boots so I thought why not? And my legs have never felt softer. The HUGEEEE positive of this moisuriser is that it absorbs quickly! I have no patience when it comes to waiting for moisturiser to absorb so this is ideal for me. It smells lovely, and did I mention, my legs feel great!

My favourite hair product of the month is my trusty Aussie leave-in conditioner. It leaves my hair soft, tangle free, and smelling divine. What more could a girl want?

Also, one random favourite: I bought a pair of skinny jeans from Primark with Lycra in which may sound a bit weird, but they are amazing. Because they contain Lycra they keep their shape so stay tight all day and there are no more saggy knees after a few hours of wear! It also means that after a few washes they still are the exact same shape they were when you bought them. If you do get a chance to pick these up, do it! They are only £13 so are a massive bargain. I got mine at the beginning of the month when they were new out and the colours available were a blue and a grey. I'm hoping that they will bring these out in other colours, especially a black, as everyone needs the perfect pair of black jeans.

What have been your favourite things this month? Any recommendations?

See you soon x

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