Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Real Techniques Powder Brush Review


Make up brushes have never really been anything I have invested a lot of time or money into. I would buy whichever and just get on with it. A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed a new powder brush as the one I had been using seemed to take off more powder than it was putting on and it was very scratchy.

When I was in Boots hunting for a replacement they had an offer on and I ended up buying a Real Techniques brush after hearing so much about them and I am so glad I did.

They brush is very easy to hold and use. It’s not too heavy or light and the shape of the handle rests very comfortably in your hand. The head of the brush is large which is perfect for putting powder on your face and the bristles are ever so soft meaning that I could happily spend ages putting powder on my face. The brush picks up product well and applies it very evenly to my face.

The bristles themselves are white at the end which is great as you can see how much product is on the brush and also when it needs cleaning. I think I have washed it 3 times since buying it and the brush is still in perfect shape and the bristles have remained soft.

Using this has made me realise that I need to buy better make up brushes and I wish I had the money to do so. When I can afford it, the next brush I want to purchase will be the blush brush.
Do you love Real Techniques as much as I do? What are your favourite brushes?

See you soon x

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