Friday, 17 May 2013

Sun sun sun | I need to buy some dresses


As I am sure you are aware, recently in the UK there has been quite a bit of sun and it has been reasonably warm, crazy! This has left me staring at the contents of my wardrobe and realising I have hardly any summer clothes. I'm going shopping today with a couple of friends and my aim is to buy some nice summery clothes, and maybe even some dresses!

Dresses are not usually my thing as they involve exposing parts of my body that I am not fond of, but a beautiful lady (Hazel) on youtube recently uploaded a video about her dresses and she spoke about body issues. When she was talking about her issues I just sat thinking to myself "Is she crazy? She has an incredible figure and I love her body.". This made me realise that the things I dislike about my body are only things that I notice because I see my body so much and it is unlikely that other people are going to notice them. So thank you, Hazel. If you have a few minutes I advise that you watch this video as not only does she have a lovely dress selection but she has made me feel a lot more confident about my body.

Have any of you bought any new summery clothes recently? I need some inspiration! 

See you soon x

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