Friday, 31 May 2013

Moving out


You may not know this but I have recently finished my first year of uni and last week I moved back home for the summer. This last week has been a bit hectic with job interviews in Bath, a day at Alton Towers, a night in Falmouth for a friends pre-birthday celebrations, my summer ball an uni and packing to move home.

I lived in halls this year and whilst I did not get along with my flat mates I am still sad to be leaving. Taking down all my posters and my photo wall has been a bit emotional. All the photos on my wall were from the year or two before uni with friends from home and I am looking forward to spending the next four months with them. But at the same time it has highlighted how quickly this year has gone and that I have so many more important people in my life that are going to be on the photo wall in my new flat in September.

I have such a fantastic year in Plymouth making some wonderful new best friends and becoming closer with friends from school. I will be back in September but things get a lot more serious then as it actually counts towards my degree! :/

Are any of you guys at Uni and scared about how fast time is flying by? It still feels like I only moved here the other week!

See you soon x

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