Friday, 31 May 2013

Moving out


You may not know this but I have recently finished my first year of uni and last week I moved back home for the summer. This last week has been a bit hectic with job interviews in Bath, a day at Alton Towers, a night in Falmouth for a friends pre-birthday celebrations, my summer ball an uni and packing to move home.

I lived in halls this year and whilst I did not get along with my flat mates I am still sad to be leaving. Taking down all my posters and my photo wall has been a bit emotional. All the photos on my wall were from the year or two before uni with friends from home and I am looking forward to spending the next four months with them. But at the same time it has highlighted how quickly this year has gone and that I have so many more important people in my life that are going to be on the photo wall in my new flat in September.

I have such a fantastic year in Plymouth making some wonderful new best friends and becoming closer with friends from school. I will be back in September but things get a lot more serious then as it actually counts towards my degree! :/

Are any of you guys at Uni and scared about how fast time is flying by? It still feels like I only moved here the other week!

See you soon x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Just crash fall down | The Summer Ball 2013

The end of my first year at Uni finished about a month ago and to celebrate the end of the year the Uni holds a summer ball for all years on campus. This wasn’t something that I planned to attend as it was £40 and didn’t really seem worth it as the musical acts for previous years was not anything I was interested in. However, the day that tickets went on sale You Me At Six were announced as the headline act and suddenly £40 seemed like a very small price to pay to see You Me At Six right outside my front door as I am a HUGE fan and have been wanting to see them for about 7 years.

I was so very excited for the ball purely because of You Me At Six. However, because I was seeing it purely as a concert rather than a ball, I didn’t really bother with my outfit and make up. I spent all of half an hour getting ready as I knew spending forever wouldn’t be worth it as the concert would be dark, pushy and sweaty. I got ready to the sound of You Me At Six soundchecking and it was great! My dress is from last years spring/summer season on Asos. My bag was from Surfdome last year. My lipstick shall be reviewed very soon.

You Me At Six came on and played for at least 95 minutes and I sung and screamed until I lost my voice. They were absolutely incredible and even better than I thought they would be. After they finished we left the ball and were heading home when we met Max and Chris and were shortly joined by Dan and I was so happy and got a photo and stood talking with them for about 15 minutes about how drunk they were. It was fantastic and they were soooo lovely.

Overall, for a night I never planned on going to it very quickly became well worth £40 and is one of the best nights of my life. I have been listening to You Me At Six for about 7 years and they have always been one of my favourites and I am so grateful that I finally got to see them and even meet 3 of them.

Hats off to You Me At Six for a great show.

Have any of you had and proms/balls yet? How were they? x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Raindrops keep falling on my head | NYC Nail Varnish


When it comes to nail varnish I am a Rimmel girl through and through. The colours are gorgeous and they dry reasonably quickly which is a big issue for me as I am incapable of sitting still.

However, recently I have developed a love for pastel nail varnishes and wanted a lovely blue one but the Rimmel pastel blue looked like Tipp-Ex. Whilst in Superdrug the other day I came across the NYC pastel colours and there was a blue, a mint green and a pinky colour and they were all so beautiful and for about £1.80 (I think) I had to give the blue one a go and all I can say is wow. After two coats my nails are the exact same colour as the product in the bottle and they actually dried quite quickly. I've been wearing it for 5 days now and the colour has hardly chipped at all! I'm going to have to go and buy some more now!

Also, I noticed that MUA have recently brought out some new shades that look very much like Essie varnishes, both in packaging and colours available. Have any of you tried these? I am very tempted by a couple of the shades!

What are your favourite brands and shades of nail varnish? Also, have you tried any quick dry top coats or freeze spray things to make your nails dry faster? Do they actually work?

See you soon x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sun sun sun | I need to buy some dresses


As I am sure you are aware, recently in the UK there has been quite a bit of sun and it has been reasonably warm, crazy! This has left me staring at the contents of my wardrobe and realising I have hardly any summer clothes. I'm going shopping today with a couple of friends and my aim is to buy some nice summery clothes, and maybe even some dresses!

Dresses are not usually my thing as they involve exposing parts of my body that I am not fond of, but a beautiful lady (Hazel) on youtube recently uploaded a video about her dresses and she spoke about body issues. When she was talking about her issues I just sat thinking to myself "Is she crazy? She has an incredible figure and I love her body.". This made me realise that the things I dislike about my body are only things that I notice because I see my body so much and it is unlikely that other people are going to notice them. So thank you, Hazel. If you have a few minutes I advise that you watch this video as not only does she have a lovely dress selection but she has made me feel a lot more confident about my body.

Have any of you bought any new summery clothes recently? I need some inspiration! 

See you soon x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jenny's got a body just like an hourglass

You know when you find a song and you love it so much and you have it on repeat for weeks? Yeah..

Jenny by Walk The Moon has been playing constantly on my iPod for the last couple of weeks. I've had the album for a while since hearing Shiver Shiver (another fantastic song) and have been enjoying the whole album, but the last week I have found Jenny being my go to song.

It's a fun, upbeat and extremely catchy song and I highly recommend giving it a listen!

See you soon! :) x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Here's to starting something new

Hello :)

For years I have wanted to start blogging and what better time to start than now. I have just finished my first year of University and have a 4 month long summer ahead of me with very little planned as nobody wants to employ me. :((

I plan on posting beauty, wardrobe, music, and book related posts on here (a little bit of everything really!) as these are tings I sometimes put a lot of time and money into and really enjoy and would like to share them with other people.

In the next few days I plan on posting some clothes that I have recently bought and are loving.

See you then! :)